Hey everyone! So for Christmas I want to send Connor Franta a journal full of inspiring things from his fans! Here is where I could use your help. If you want to participate then send me an ask with the message you want to be put in the journal! I want it to be ways he has inspired you, helped you, made your life better, or whatever he has done for you! I just feel he could use this encouragement from his fans! I think it will bring a smile to face to know we care! I hope you can do this!
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Guys, this is such a great project. Let’s show Con what he means to us.

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Will the day ever come where connor gets to wink in troye’s video

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Happy 22nd Birthday Connor!

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New Video: Thirsty

Please reblog this post to spread the word! It’s a great cause & the more donations the better! Thanks all <3

Oh how the tables have turned. You touched his stuff first, so it’s only fair. 


NEW VIDEO! YouTube Superlatives with CONNOR FRANTA! // itsGrace